“Our son had 4 incredible years attending full time in Lollipop House. Years truly filled with fun, laughter, learning and excitement, during which he bacame a fluent English Speaker.

He received care, knowledge and very much love from the Lollipop House Ladies! We are grateful for all their efforts and hard work for our Children.”

Family Dimitrov.

“Let me express my great appreciation for Carolyn and the whole team of Lollipop House for an amazing contribution for the success in the language learning of my son. I was completely impressed on the dedication of the teachers, professionalism and the right approach towards each individual in their groups. During the period of only 6 months, my son managed to learn English from zero to a level to be invited to join the International School. It was the best decision for my son to join Lollipop House. From my side, I recommend Lollipop to any of the parents; this is a great place for the language learning for the kids with lots of fun, creativity, different activities throughout the day and the most important an amazing teachers.

Thank you for Carolyn and Lollipop House for leaving a footprint of English knowledge of my child!
Kind regards”.
Gyte Stainiene



 “Really lollipop House is the best in all aspects…we love this place and the teachers and about Carolyn she is the best person and teacher I have met”
Anuradha Patil



” Lollipop House and Carolyn, there is no better place for my kiddo to learn and be loved. I was going to switch her to The International Preschool at SISS, but these are important years. I think with a base of confidence and self-esteem, Kate will do so much better.

She is learning so much academically AND she gets so much individual attention and simply love. There is so much time for her to be put in large classes and become one of many.

If your child doesn’t speak English well enough now to get into SISS Primary, Carolyn has a gold star rating at getting non-English and non-native English speaking kids in”.

Jennifer Messana



A massive thank you and congratulations to the wonderful Lollipop House team. Thank you for teaching my kids and giving them the confidence in learning that they needed to prepare them for school. You all show huge amounts of love and appreciation to the kids-they are so lucky to be at Lollipop House.

J E V.